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French Ligue 1 Soccer Betting Guide for 2022

The French Ligue 1 is one of the top leagues in Europe and attracts some big names every season. Here are the 10 most important facts you need to know before betting on this exciting competition: 1) It has 70 teams across three divisions – championship (20), League One (19) Two(18). 2a.) The champions typically qualify for European football but only once they’ve played their way through qualification matches which can be difficult since there’s no playoff system; 3b. There’s also a cup called conquest where winners from each round compete against each other.

  • An Introduction to Ligue 1The 20 teams in total, who all play each other home and away during the regular season. It’s a tough battle for first place!
  • The points system is designed to give an incentive for winning matches and ending in ties.
  • The team with the most points at season’s end are declared Ligue 1 winners and French soccer champion Livestreaming Permitted?
  • the top three teams that finish in European competitions each season qualify for the UEFA Champions League next year.
  • The only way for a team to escape from Ligue 2 is by winning the playoffs. The third bottom teams will face off in an additional round with other runners-up who were also promoted or relegated during this season’s regular campaign, while fourth-placed sides do not have any more games so they can focus on their preparation for next year. The last few spots available amongst France’s lower division offer some interesting stories as well – especially when you consider how many different outcomes there could potentially be following just six weeks’ worth of fixtures! If your site manages the top spot then congratulations: You’ve achieved what seemed impossible at points earlier.
  • If the two teams are level on points and goal difference, then goals scored will decide who wins.
  • The top four teams are ranked according to their goal difference and fair play rankings, with the highest scoring team being crowned champions.

Bet on the Ligue 1? With a few different types of betting available, you’re sure to find what your heart desires.